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Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Dark Prison

The last thing he needed was another cop in his life.

Growing up with his dad on the force was hard enough on Kemal. And with the shape his dad is in now, the last thing Kemal wants is someone around to remind his dad of his glory days as a detective in the Dark Falls PD. So when Eve Scanlon shows up with a lead in the one cold case his dad never let go, he’s going to make damned sure she doesn’t get his dad involved.

Eve doesn’t care what Kemal Goodwin wants or doesn’t want. She’s got a job to do and the body of a woman who vanished decades before, not to mention evidence of a child out there somewhere in danger. If Kemal thinks he’s going to get in the way, she’s got a wake up call for him. Her former mentor might be retired, but he knows this case better than anyone.

Solving a case with thirty-year-old evidence and not a whole lot of leads. Yeah, that’s hard. Dealing with the feelings for Kemal that she definitely doesn’t want and absolutely isn’t going to act on? That might prove to be damn near impossible.

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