Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Can you really get a good book free?

Can you really get a good book Grimacing Girl in a Chair with a Tabletfree? Yes! When I first began reading free books on my kindle, I have to tell you the quality wasn’t all that great. I would download about ten free books and start them all. I might finish one or two out of those ten! I guess you can tell, I don’t waste my time finishing books I don’t enjoy.  You get a few minutes to suck me in. If I’m not loving it, I move on. I’ve got things to do in this world.

I remember starting a slew of books with very little editing, zero plot, and nothing to grab my attention and keep it. They seemed to be the norm rather than the exception. So, what’s changed? Well, first off, let’s look at who gives out books for free. While some traditionally published authors offer their books for free from time to time, I would be willing to be a higher percentage of free books out there are from indie authors. Sadly, indie publishing went through a time when the books being put out weren’t heavily edited, didn’t have professional covers, and often weren’t well-formatted.

That has largely changed nowadays! Sure, you still get a few duds, but you would be surprised at the quality of the products being put out. My romantic suspense novels go through a minimum of three rounds of editing, and most of the time, it’s four rounds total. Most of my friends who write are doing the same thing. I honestly think the reading public demands it, and the market is stepping up to meet that demand. I personally look for free e-books that are receiving an average review of four stars and above to download. Since I’ve started that policy, I haven’t thrown nearly as many aside. I read and love a great many more of them now than I used to. I do exactly what the author is hoping I’ll do. I go buy the rest of their books!

The other thing to note about getting free e-books for your kindle or ereader is that there are many, many NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors out there offering them! I see free e-book offers for as many as four free books on Facebook ads all the time from phenomenal authors. You sign up for the author’s reader list and they email you links to as many as four books to download. I offer this free e-book deal to anyone who signs up for my reader list! If you love the books, great! You’re now on the reader list and you’ll find out right away when I have news or new releases. If not, you unsubscribe. No harm, no foul.

You can also sign up for email alerts for free and discounted books and get a daily email that tells you what free books are being offered that day in the genres you read. I’ll write a post in a few days that tells you where to find some of the best free book email lists out there!

So, go ahead. Take a shot! Download a free e-book today. Oh, and for a chance to win a signed paperback copy of one of my books and some cool author swag, leave me a comment telling me a free book you’ve gotten that has left you loving the author! If it’s still available free, post a link so others can fall in love. I’ll choose a winner in a couple of days! (*****18 to enter, void where prohibited, no purchase necessary to win, international winner may be given free ebooks in lieu of paperback copy depending on location).


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