Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Want fun stories & bonus content? 

How do I find really great free ebooks?

***** Contest closed – Congratulations, Millie!*****

So, if you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you know I posted about free e-books last week. This week, I’m going to tell you some of my favorite places to find free novels! If you’re active on Facebook and follow your favorite authors there, you will often see ads or offers for free books in the genres you love. If you’d rather not wait around for the free book offers to come to you, there are ways to find out about deals and steals every day!

One of my favorite places to find free or discounted ebooks is on bookbub.com. You can find out about deals in two ways with bookbub. First, sign up for their daily emails for free and discounted books in the genres you love. You’ll get an email each day with books ranging from free to 99 cents to 1.99. The other way to get notifications from bookbub is to follow your favorite authors there.

follow this author on bookbubHere’s a sample of my author profile. See the big yellow arrow on the left? Click the blue follow button next to it and they’ll let you know anytime that author has a free book or a discounted book. Easy peasy!

The thing I like the best about bookbub and their listings is that they are highly curated. They typically have very high quality, highly rated books.  The author has to have a high number of reviews and those reviews have to be fairly high. They look for other factors as well, but all you and I really need to know is the resulting listings have great books most of the time!

There are several other email services that mail a similar type of list to you each day. In fact, there are dozens of them nowadays, and more are springing up by the minute. None can compare to the quality of the listings bookbub sends you, but I do have a few other favorites that have high quality books I find worthwhile. Robinreads.com is one I’ve found has great quality listings. Thefussylibrarian.com is also worth looking at!

Another way to find free novels is to head on over to amazon.com and click on “shop by department.” Select kindle books and then narrow down to the genre you’d like to read. When you find your subgenre, put “free” in the search bar and you’ll get some great results! Remember my tip from last week: look for books with a rating over four stars. In general, this tends to increase the chances of finding a great new book and a new author you’ll love.

For a free signed paperback from me, leave me a comment telling me if you’ve found a good free book lately, or where you like to look for new authors. I’ll choose a winner in a few days! *****18 to enter, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

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