Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Legal Ease: Book One in the Sutton Capital Series


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Kelly Bradley is convinced she doesn’t need to worry about falling in love when she comes up with her plan to marry Jack Sutton in exchange for her law school tuition. She’s dated so many great guys over the years, but hasn’t fallen in love once. Not with any of them. It just isn’t in the cards for her. So, when she approaches powerful, sexy Jack Sutton and proposes a temporary marriage-of-convenience to solve both of their problems, she’s not one bit concerned that her heart will be on the line.

Jack Sutton is used to having control over things, having things go his way. Things in his life aren’t supposed to spin out of control. But Kelly Bradley flips his world upside-down and has him wanting more than he’d ever thought he would have. And, just when he realizes he wants a real marriage with Kelly, Jack finds himself racing to save the woman he loves. Before Jack and Kelly know it, not only are their hearts on the line, but Kelly’s life is, too.


Also available on audiobook!


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35 Responses

  1. I absolutely loved the characters and could not put the book down. I cannot wait to read all of your books!

  2. Just finished Ever Hopeful. Fell in love with the characters and the town of Evers, Texas. This was the first book in a set I purchased on my Kindle Fire ” Edge” Had to find more. Will be looking for more of Lori’s books now. Love the mixture of romance and suspense. I am a romantic and a suspense nut so it fit me. A real page turner, couldn’t stop. Can’t wait for more. .

  3. Saw this book available as a free download on iBooks today, and after reading the reviews, I was super excited to check it out. Sadly, after trying multiple times to download, i keep getting an error screen that says: “The item you tried to download is no longer available”… So bummed. Really really bummed.

  4. Just finished Legal Ease. I really enjoyed it. I loved the way Kelly took charge!

    Will have to sample other Lori books soon. Keep writing. I’m so glad to have “met you” or found this book through Brenda Novak’s release party on Tuesday.

  5. I just finished reading “legal Ease”, what a wonderful story. It was really hard putting it down last night to get some sleep. I mostly liked that there was no “bad language” in it even though I would have understood if Jack or Chad would have used some in the high drama parts. Lori this is the first book of yours that I have read, it will not be the last. Also this is the first review I have ever written. Loved, loved, loved this story!
    Thanks to Brenda Novak for the heads up.

  6. Have had this book series got it when it was first released and it is a great book. I have read it a few times and always enjoy it.

  7. I just finished reading the first three books of the Sutton Capital Series and thoroughly enjoyed them. You have the ability to combine humor with believable reactions of people fighting the reality of reluctantly falling in love. The danger the women were put in and the panic and determination of the men to rescue and protect the women they loved was moving. They all deserved to find happiness and promising futures with the people they love while surrounded by a group of friends and family who all support them. I look forward to reading more of your books.

  8. Just finished the whole series of Sutton Capital and I enjoyed them very much. I do hope you continue the series.

  9. Loved this book and really interested in finishing the series. I made it to chapter five of Penalty Clause and can’t wait to get the rest and read it….

  10. I was able to finish the advanced copy of “Love and Protect” today and loved it! It was raw and intense in the best ways possible. The suspense was amazing. The book showcased the vulnerability of a woman who has been abused and really capitalized on the emotions. Cade Bishop and Laura aren’t too steamy but they have enough romance to melt your heart. I can’t wait to read about John Davies and Katelyn Bowden in “Promise and Protect”!

  11. Your new book Promise and Protect was AWESOME! I love the story line that you wrote about. You Mrs. Lori know how to write wonderful books. I look forward to the release of Serve and Protect.

  12. I have and love both the Sutton Capital Series and the Evers Tx. series (also loved stealing home) the Triple Play Curse novellas are next on the list.

  13. Hi ladies, loved the first book in this series, will now get the remaining books too. Love your writing. Look forward to seeing more!

  14. Legal Ease was part of the Dangerous Attraction, Romantic Suspense Box set, that I downloaded bc Jill Sanders is one of my favorite authors. And I must admit, I almost skipped over it, bc it was different from the military stories I had been reading, and I wasn’t sure I would like it. But I wanted to read every book in the series, so I figured I’d just read the first few pages, and if I wasn’t into it, I would come back to it at a different time.
    THANK GOD I did. I was hooked from the first page!! Jack drew me right in, and I didn’t put my phone down until I got to the last page!! Jack and Kelly are such likable characters, and so easy to relate to, and the story line was easy to follow and still suspenseful!!
    I have to admit, when I was reading it, secretly I was hoping to see that there was a book in the series about Jennie and Chad, and now that I know there is one, I can’t wait to start reading!!!
    Love me some hot stories with happy endings!!! You rock!!!

  15. I read the first book for free and loved it so much that ended up buying the whole series over the weekend, I specially like the penalty clause

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