Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Legal Ease: Book One in the Sutton Capital Series


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Kelly Bradley is convinced she doesn’t need to worry about falling in love when she comes up with her plan to marry Jack Sutton in exchange for her law school tuition. She’s dated so many great guys over the years, but hasn’t fallen in love once. Not with any of them. It just isn’t in the cards for her. So, when she approaches powerful, sexy Jack Sutton and proposes a temporary marriage-of-convenience to solve both of their problems, she’s not one bit concerned that her heart will be on the line.

Jack Sutton is used to having control over things, having things go his way. Things in his life aren’t supposed to spin out of control. But Kelly Bradley flips his world upside-down and has him wanting more than he’d ever thought he would have. And, just when he realizes he wants a real marriage with Kelly, Jack finds himself racing to save the woman he loves. Before Jack and Kelly know it, not only are their hearts on the line, but Kelly’s life is, too.


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