Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Honor and Protect

A Heroes of Evers, TX short story

Return to the Heroes of Evers, Texas with Carter Jenkins as he falls for local veterinarian Lily Winn. In between covering for the sheriff while he’s off on his honeymoon, investigating an underground dog racing ring, and helping one of the wounded dogs heal, he also has to try to convince Lily he’s worth taking a gamble on! Will the sexy new animal doc give him a shot and risk it all?

This short story is a standalone romance from the Heroes of Evers, TX series that takes place after book three. PLEASE NOTE: this story was published in the anthology collection entitled Red Sole Clues. If you own this anthology, please don’t buy this short story! You already own it.

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picture of Treasure and Protect cover by Lori Ryan

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