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Promise and Protect

A perilous homecoming

Promise and Protect is the second book in the heart-soaring and electrifying Heroes of Evers, Texas series by New York Times bestselling author Lori Ryan. A true masterwork of contemporary romantic suspense, it is the story of a beautiful artist returning home to danger, and to a love she never imagined.

Exiled by her father, the town sheriff, at age four following the murder of her mother, Katelyn Bowden is finally coming back to tiny Evers, against the wishes of her now-dying parent. The new sheriff, ex-New York cop John Davies, fears Katelyn’s life is in jeopardy from a killer who was never caught. Though she resents the handsome lawman her father has always loved like a son, Katelyn is confused by the passionate sparks that fly whenever they are together. But, will John be able to save her when a murderer finally emerges from hiding?

Promise and Protect was previously published under the titles Everlasting and Promise and Protect. Please check your e-reader to be sure you haven’t already purchased it! It is book two in the series, but it is a standalone complete story and can be ready in any order within the series.

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