Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Want fun stories & bonus content? 

series: The Heroes of Evers, Texas Series

Treasure and Protect

Cora Walker is tired of waiting for Justin Kensington to open his eyes and see that they could be great together. Justin Kensington knows he blew it with Cora, but what can he do about it?

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Cherish and Protect

She’s living life on her own terms for the first time. He’s been handed a second chance at life he’s not sure he has the guts to take. But there are forces that might take away their shot at life and love.

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Desire and Protect

Phoebe Joy is determined to leave behind the fun-loving woman no one takes seriously. Shane Bishop is determined to give up his steady, staid ways. Can they meet in the middle and make love work?

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Honor and Protect

In between covering for the Sheriff while he’s off on his honeymoon, investigating an underground dog racing ring, and helping one of the wounded dogs heal, Carter Jenkins also has to try to convince Lily he’s worth taking a gamble on!

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Serve and Protect

Ashley Walker was one of the lucky ones. Adopted when she was fourteen years old by a family who loved her as their own and stuck beside her through all she put them through. She can’t outrun the hell of her past, though. A hell that would haunt her forever.

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Promise and Protect

Exiled by her father, the town sheriff, at age four following the murder of her mother, Katelyn Bowden is finally coming back to tiny Evers, against the wishes of her now-dying parent. The new sheriff, ex-New York cop John Davies, fears Katelyn’s life is in jeopardy from a killer who was never caught.

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