Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Dark Memories

Detective Delaney Harrison lives for slapping handcuffs on those who prey on women and children.

She will do everything in her power to keep another girl from suffering the fate of her sister. There was a time when Delaney also lived for Zach Jamison, but that was before he betrayed her, and taught her that loneliness beat heartache any day. The last thing Delaney expects is to find Zach back in her life.

Zach Jamison has never forgotten the one woman he has ever loved. When his daughter is kidnapped, Delaney Harrison is the only cop he trusts with her case.

As they spend time together searching for Kaylee, the old feelings surface, but Harry is determined to walk away once Zach’s daughter is found. He broke her once. She will not allow him to do it again.

Zach has two goals, one short-term and one a long game. First find his daughter, and then win Delaney back.

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