Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Want fun stories & bonus content? 

Dark Tidings

When secrets and lies collide . . . lives are lost and hearts are broken . . .

Detective Marisol Zaragoza’s life is uncomplicated…routine…exactly as she likes it. Until a fresh homicide lands on her desk and catapults her into a cat-and-mouse game with an influential narcissist. Mierda, soon her fledgling career in the Major Crimes Unit is on the cusp of upheaval. When her investigation thrusts her into the path of Beck Gatling, the gorgeous, enigmatic billionaire who’d ripped her heart to shreds ten years earlier, her uncomplicated life gets messy fast.

She’d fallen for Beck Gatling’s suave charm once. Dios mío… Never again.

Born into American royalty, Beck Gatling wields a business empire with one hand and a political dynasty with the other. But after years of putting his family obligations before his happiness, he’s tired. Tired of the relentless encroachment of the press, the constant need for security, and the shady political dealings. When a murder investigation brings Marisol Zaragoza back into his life, he jumps at a second chance with his lost love.

This time, he won’t let duty get in the way.

But as Marisol’s investigation disintegrates and a killer teeters on the brink of freedom, the edges between the past and the present blur. All too soon, her life, love and career hang in the balance.

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